Feb 2013-Prophecy of the Pope's Resignation.

Trayvon Martin Case

The Release of rapper Lil Boosie

School Shootings across the nation

Nov. 25-I see a bombing happen like with fire like explosion a lot of important people gone be impacted, I see a mcdonalds being terrorized and closed till nonsense stop, I see another country wanting to be involved to come here it will be another country leader to speak bad about this country, the troops will be on stand by but the war will not happen I see a lot of happy military families a lot of them will receive checks and back times within next couple months, I see a woman throwing a baby away it will be over national news age will be on all type of medicines , I see a school to have a student to speak out against confusion, I see a rally hitting Chicago a big revival where spiritual ppl will come forth I see a major drug bust but an important person will be involved with it,# seen and heard prayer


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