Partner Program 

On behalf of Tristan McPherson Ministries we are privileged and honored to have you partner with us as the Prophet take the gospel all around the world. You may not as an individual can take the gospel and preach it yourself to the people of God but you can be as well responsible for the move of God and people coming to Christ by becoming a covenant partner with the Ministry we will gladly appreciate the covenant. The Prophet will be traveling all over the nation this year and overseas to preach the gospel to many people of different nationalities and confirms miracles across the nation and bringing the glory back to the only begotten son and John 3:17 declare, "he came not into the world to condemn the world but through him they may be saved." We will appreciate your help on assistance with the Prophet taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ nationally. So many souls are perishing and lost so help us to bring people back to Jesus.

Become A Partner

There Is Power In Unity